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AI/ML in education closes the gap on income inequality

by Robin Austin - Posted 1 year ago

Today, every man, women and child no matter his or her origin, race, or economic circumstance can enrich their lives through educational made available through AI/ML educational learning systems. The caveat is connectivity access. Education assures equality and I believe is a better use of appropriated inequality funds rather than doling them out. I am a proponent of “teaching to fish” for the long-term. Education for all peoples in all countries with all languages will be as equally disseminated depending on the availability of connectivity and AI/ML educational systems. And if not easily available at home, schools and universities can incorporate AI/ML education; local libraries, churches, warehouses, parks, restaurants, offices and group homes can provide connectivity. Anywhere connectivity exists so can education thanks to AI/ML. We in the US need to put our efforts into making sure WI-FI or the next evolution of connectivity is available everywhere then supporting AI/ML educational systems.